SpawnCommands is an addon to quickly teleport you to your bed, the global spawn, or a friend (if they agree). SpawnCommands was made by andrenoel1.


  • /spawn Teleports you to the main world spawn point.
  • /spawn. Teleports you to your bed/home location if it is set. Note the point "." on the end of "/spawn."
  • /spawn! Set the location of your bed/home to your current location.
  • /spawn? Displays coordinates of you, the world spawn point, and your bed/home location if set.
  • /ta PlayerName Asks permission to teleport to a player. Once your request is accepted then try again with just /ta to teleport to that player.
  • /ta yes|accept|ok Accepts a request to teleport to you for 45 seconds.
  • /ta no|deny Denies a request to teleport to you.
  • /ta allow|deny all Allows or denies all requests for 45 seconds. Useful to allow a group

of friends to teleport to you all at once within that time. example: /ta allow all

  • /ta help will always display the quick reference of /ta commands.
  • /ta help will always display the quick reference of /ta commands.

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